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Information about David

I am a fully qualified teacher and have been teaching for over eight years and tutoring for seven.

I am an enthusiastic, friendly, sociable and confident person. I take great pride in teaching and see it as a vocation. I am passionate about helping children to learn in all areas of the curriculum. I am an excellent communicator, have very good people skills and have a great drive to help children reach their full potential academically and in their general well-being. The children I have taught have made excellent progress which has been evident from their end of year examination results. I am a competitive person and have always strived to reach my full potential in life and also enjoy motivating children to do so. I have myself been educated in first class schools and because of this I am able to provide children with a first class education.

I was very lucky to be chosen by a school in the UK to be trained in one-to-one tuition. This allowed me to start tutoring children from my Year 6 class to achieve better levels in their SATS. Through the training I received and my general teaching practice I have formulated a system where I can provide each child with a personalised tutoring plan. This will be done through a free of charge initial assessment of your child`s learning style and current knowledge and understanding of the chosen subject area. My many years of experience as a teacher and tutor have allowed me to create a method of tutoring where the children can see their continual progress. This will be done by providing your child with a personalised learning folder in which he will have a list of learning objectives they need to achieve.

Availability: I am available to tutor after school hours and on the weekends

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Experiencia:Teaching for over 9 years
Tutoring for over 8 years

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