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Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid
Ciudad Natal: Madrid
Miembro Desde: 25/09/2013
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I have a degree (the Spanish educational system is slightly different to the English one so the nearest equivalent should be a master) in physics (theoretical physics) and another one in math by U.A.M. (universidad autónoma of Madrid). I also begun (but couldn`t end because of bureaucratic problems) a PhD in mathemathical physics (geometric quantization). I am currently collaborating, as freelance, with people working in string theory (first black hole physic and now phenomenology related topics).

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Information about Javier

I have been teaching physics and mathematics mainly in Spain, but nowadays with the facilities offered by technology I am exploring the possibilities of teaching online in another countries which language I can speak.

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Experiencia:I have experience teaching physic at university level in matters such as quantum mechanics (basic and advanced, including quantum field theory) classical mechanics, electromagnetism, special and general relativity, fluid dynamics and, of course, basic physics. I also have teaching experience in math areas such as (differential and algebraic) geometry, topology (set, algebraic and differential), basic algebra and calculus, differential equations and group theory (discrete groups, as studied in undergraduate abstract algebra, and lie groups).


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